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About the CTP Gillingham Gathering

The town of Gillingham is tucked away about halfway between the A303 and the A350 in Dorset County, about 120 miles southwest of London. Dee Murray, who was a member of Elton John’s band in the 1970s and played with many other well-known musicians of that era, was born there. The town also hosts what is described as an 'informal event' with the CTP Gillingham Gathering held every year at Lower Station Road.

The CTP (Commercial Transport in Preservation) Gillingham Gathering is a four hour, maybe a bit longer, event for displaying old and interesting vehicles in and around Nick Baker’s Yard, Station Road, Gillingham

The Gathering is held every year on the fourth Sunday of each February. Previous shows have featured old vehicles that literally carried the load in the first half of the 20th century (That’s the 1900s for those who don’t like how centuries are numbered). Some examples are the 1937 Albion CL122, a Kirkcaldy Leyland Cub fire engine, and a White-Ruxtall ex-tank transporter dubbed 'Morning Star' by its owner.

Commercial Transport in Preservation

The passing of CTP founding chairman Phil Bailey, who died after their inaugural meeting in 1998, became the spark for this event. His memorial service the following year blossomed into the current Gillingham Gathering. More than just a group of like-minded old vehicle enthusiasts showing off their vehicles, the purpose is to raise funds for a local band by selling soup, pasties, coffee & cake.

Entry To The Event

The event usually begins at 10:00 a.m. and is supposed to end at 2:00 p.m. but will likely run a bit longer as people reminisce about the old trucks and how good life must have been before smartphones and social media. Donations will gladly be accepted.

Somewhere to Stay in Dorset

The one-day four-hour event will appeal to local folks looking for a way to spend part of their Sunday. Overnight visitors are, of course, encouraged to attend the Sunday event and will find numerous hotels in and around Gillingham. Milton Farm Caravan Site and Horkesley Hall Farm are two nearby places to park your RV or Caravan for a day or more. The weather will likely be too cold for tent campers.

Getting To Lower Station Road

Drivers using the A303 will turn east at the B8031 and drive 5 miles into Gillingham. Make a left onto Station Road, and you are there. Drivers approaching from the A350 will do just the same except in the opposite direction and make a right turn onto Station Road. There is a bus service from Shaftsbury and a rail line from Templecombe but please call the organisers for the schedules.

Other Things To Do Around The Area

Visitors to Gillingham will want to see the Gillingham Museum. Prehistoric fossils of sea monsters, a Roman skeleton unearthed in 1967, and relics from the medieval ages through the previous century (the 1900s for those needing clarity) are on display. If you don’t mind a 25-30-mile drive, the world-famous Stonehenge remains a popular tourist destination.

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Previous Gillingham Gatherings have featured a road rally, so if you plan to participate, check with the organisers. Also, ask about any restrictions on dogs and if the event is wheelchair accessible. One special note to visitors who get confused as to what century we live in: If you find yourself in the other Gillingham in Kent County, drive west for about 150 miles to the Gillingham in Dorset County for this gathering and be prepared to withstand some good-natured kidding.


When is the next CTP Gillingham Gathering?

The CTP Gillingham Gathering is planned to take place at Lower Station Road, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 4QA, Sunday 24th February, 2019. This is a Vintage Event.

Lower Station Road

Commercial Transport in Preservation
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