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About the End of Season Autumn Rally

Winchester lies about 70 miles southwest of London and in the late 15th century played an important role as the place where examples of legal measures of volume, known as the Winchester Standards, were kept. The units of volume, instituted by King Henry VII, were bushels, pecks, quarts, and pints. Today’s volumetric standards are in France under the name of The International Bureau of Weights and Measures (The French call it BIPM). About 5 miles south of Winchester is the Twyford Waterworks Trust where in October, visitors can have a pint or two at one of the nearby pubs and then have a “bushel” of fun at the End of Season Autumn Rally.

This event is an “open day” at the Twyford Waterworks where visitors will have a fun and interesting day. They will learn how “hard” water from the ground is made “soft” using lime that removes certain minerals like calcium and magnesium.

They will also learn how limestone is converted by the lime kiln to produce the quicklime used in the softening process. But there is much more than exploring England’s industrial heritage. In addition to the vintage vehicles, railway models, tours of the works, and a unique triple expansion engine, guests can stroll along the trails and nature areas, relax with a snack by the pond and enjoy the sights, sounds, and colours of the past.

Twyford Waterworks Trust

Twyford Waterworks began supplying water to areas around Southampton and Itchen Valley in 1898 and those deep, still active boreholes continue to produce about five million gallons of water per day. The original buildings are still present and reveal its complete history. Modern electric pumps are used today but in 1914, the steam powered Hathorn Davey triple expansion engine and Babcock and Wilcox boilers ran the pumps. Later, a 1934 Diesel House engine is displayed on the main event days.

Entry To The Rally

The normal admission price to the museum is £6.00 for adults, £5.00 for concessions, and children under 16 years of age enter for free. Guests are encouraged to add a voluntary £1.00 for the Gift Aid that helps the museum recoup some funds lost through taxes. The open day hours are 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Somewhere to Stay in Hampshire

Campers, Glampers, and caravaners can have a unique experience at Morelands Copse Country Camping. Remember that the park runs on solar energy so campers will need to supply their own night lighting if the moonlight is not enough. Several other campsites are in proximity to Twyford. The nearby cities of Southampton and Winchester offer many hotel and B&B options for those who prefer a roof and electrical outlets.

Other Things To Do Around Winchester

First-time visitors to the area will want to head toward Winchester and visit the famous Winchester Cathedral. The City Museum is another place where your kid's faces will light up with delight (note a hint of sarcasm) at the prospect of seeing a true example of a Winchester Bushel among the other amazing exhibitions. (Don’t worry, they have children’s activities.) If Old English volumetric measures are not on your bucket list, head south to Southampton to Solent Sky, with its collection of 18 vintage aircraft that includes flying boats, jet fighters, and the iconic Spitfire.

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There is ample free parking at the End of Season Autumn Rally and parking areas for disabled visitors. Well behaved dogs on a leash are welcome. There is an outdoor picnic area with BBQ available or bring your own. Note that the lime kilns are on an elevated level so people in wheelchairs should contact the museum before arrival for any needed arrangements.


When is the next End of Season Autumn Rally?

The End of Season Autumn Rally is planned to take place at Hazeley Road, Twyford, Winchester, Hampshire, SO21 1QA, Sunday 4th October, 2020. This is a Steam Event.

Hazeley Road
SO21 1QA

Twyford Waterworks Trust
01962 714 716

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